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Entertainment One Distribution Canada is considered Canada’s home entertainment products warehouse. And for good reason. In our industry, our product selection is unmatched. We are the leading wholesaler of movies and pre-recorded music in Canada and video games and accessories are also included in our product line up.

Today, traditional and Internet retailers as well as distributors more than 300 different customers in all look to eOne as their one-stop source for more than 200,000 different entertainment titles.

What we sell, however, is more than what can be found in our catalogue of more than 12,000 DVD and 15,000 CD titles.

  • Entertainment One Distribution Canada sells single source access to the world’s most popular entertainment companies - movie studios, record labels and games producers - access our customers rely on.
  • eOne sells the buying power that only a national wholesaler with supplier relationships that span three decades can provide - power our customers require. 
  • We sell product choice and availability - choice of current hits and classic titles and extensive, on-hand inventory that our customers depend on.
  • eOne provides rapid product fulfillment using a combination of sophisticated management information and logistics systems fulfillment our customers demand.

In short, what we sell is considered a competitive necessity by our customers and our customers make eOne an important buyer in the eyes of the world’s top home entertainment producers.

Overall, through our value-added services and relationships, we help our customers position themselves to take advantage of growth trends (such as the rapid escalation in consumer demand for DVDs) and consumer preferences.

We deliver the goods in every possible way. Strategically, we’ve chosen to maximize the value of our vast product portfolio, supplier relationships and operating capacity by serving multiple sales channels, beginning with traditional wholesaling, our core business.

To us, how we sell is just as important as what we sell.

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